About us

The people behind Magic Square are first-class industry professionals, blockchain veterans, experienced software developers, and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. Our ultimate goal is to gradually influence a widespread organic shift to decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.0.

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Immediate Goal - What do we want to achieve now?
We aim to improve the quality, security, and integration of crypto apps across the board and introduce a new level of user experience to the industry.

Vision - what do we want to achieve in the long term?
We aim to catapult the widespread adoption of crypto applications

Mission - How will we do it?
We will realize both our immediate and long-term visions by providing a user-friendly, holistic interface for people to discover, use, and connect to community-vetted crypto applications as well as communicate with app-centered communities.

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Meet the Leadership Team

Andrey Nayman, Ph.D. - Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, Mathematician, Quant & Professional Investor, an early adopter of Crypto (2013), successfully led multiple technical ventures, former MD of Radical Ventures. Adamant Product Advocate.

Tote Fernández-Bravo - Director of Partnerships

Seasoned Blockchain professional. Expert in analysis, management and execution, closed more than 100 M&A and Crypto deals. Started his career in Investment Banking in 2011 and moved to the Crypto space in 2017.

Michael Landsberger - COO

Seasoned leader with a vast experience managing large scale international organizations in the finance and fintech industries. A true believer and promoter of Transformational Leadership and the ROWE method.

Matan Kelly - CFO

Expert in Treasury Management for Crypto & Fintech firms. CPA with years of experience managing international venture accounting. Deep specialization in the security of financial ecosystems.

Alexandr Gaidai - VP R&D

Seasoned technical leader, Computer scientist & Platform developer. Deep knowledge and proven experience in the management of Complex Crypto Projects. Praised for his secret sauce and creating winning products & technologies.

Nate Holtzman - Head of Sales & Business Development

Blockchain & Web3 expert with multiple years of experience with dApps, DAOs, CeFi & DeFi Projects. Master's Diploma in NLP & Hypnosis, extensive experience in Affiliate Marketing.

Shimon Kogan - CLO

A lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in corporate law, emphasizing online trading, e-commerce, and tokenization.  Skilled in Corporate Affairs & Regulation, Commercial Contracts (including M&A), Corporate Law Finance & Investments.

Vanessa Tang - Content Manager

Creative content writer with extensive marketing experience in digital, advertising, and content creation. A forward-thinking explorer in the worlds of DeFi, Web3 and NFTs.

Anastasija Barbara Isakov - Marketing and Operations

Marketing and business operations wizard, commercially oriented and capable of executing the best practices in refocusing business landscape to address evolving user expectations through data engineering interventions.

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