Earn Tokens for Your Time on the Magic Store

date_range October 21, 2021
person Magic Square
Usually, when it comes to crypto investment, investors understand that in order to reap rewards, they must invest money. But what if someone else valued your time just as much as you do? What if you could earn just by investing your time?

Magic Square understands that its users are its number one asset. One reflection of this is the use-to-earn model. Use-to-earn allows users to earn tokens based on their activity in the Magic Store. So, you can get rewards just for your:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Referrals
  • Votes
  • Adding apps to Magic Spaces
money tree

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it works: 

  • Every day, Magic Square drops SQR tokens and adds them to the daily rewards pool.
  • Magic Square distributes these tokens among users based on their Magic Karma Score which quantifies all of their Magic Square activity.  
  • Magic Store releases the tokens into your personal wallet once per month. 
The sooner you join Magic Square, the more earning potential you have

The daily rewards pool will initially include 25,000 SQR tokens to be divided by fewer users, and then incrementally decrease every six months as the platform gains popularity, so the math is simple: the big rewards will be reserved for the earliest users.

User experience at the forefront

It is clear that Magic Square prioritizes user experience above all else. The Magic Store helps crypto app users get the most out of their experience by presenting apps in neat, user-friendly, searchable categories and filters. Once you find an app you like on the Store, you can simply add it to your personalized dashboard in Magic Spaces and open it via a single SSI-secured login from any device with Magic Connect.

Integrated DeFi

Magic Square has harnessed the power of the emerging DeFi market by including integrated DeFi solutions inside each app on the Store. This way, you don’t need to go searching around for the best DeFi services to use, instead, one click is enough to access a world of passive income and safe assets. Some of the DeFi solutions that will be integrated into apps on the Magic Store include:

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t seem like users need to be paid to spend time on Magic Square’s super user-friendly platform. Even so, Magic Square acknowledges that time is an investment, rewarding users to level up their crypto-app experience. Stay tuned for updates on our blog, and on our social community.