The Magic Store Brings Order to Crypto, Here’s How

date_range October 11, 2021
person Magic Square
Many crypto users are fed up with navigating in and out of tabs, logging into multiple sites, and keeping track of an accumulating list of wallets, keys, and credentials.

A simple google search reveals the dozens of crypto investment courses being sold to the public: countless youtube videos and channels dedicated to explaining the intricacies of the system, as well as buckets of ink spilled trying to make sense of this complex system: articles, books, blogs, etc.

This all goes to show that crypto, in its current state is not simple nor user-friendly — yet  

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Why is crypto complicated?

Crypto and blockchain tech, in particular, is built by techies, for techies, which presents an obvious problem for average users, and the complex and divisive nature of the crypto sphere intimidates people from taking part. This is especially unfortunate because of the enormous potential blockchain has to revolutionize and democratize the digital world as we know it.

But, until crypto becomes more user-friendly, widespread adoption of blockchain cannot become a reality. 

What we need

There is a need for a consolidated, user-friendly platform for users to experience the best of crypto – a unified crypto app store.

The App Store for Crypto

What if I told you the App Store for Crypto already exists?

Magic Square’s Magic Store is the first-ever app store built for crypto with a streamlined user experience to welcome people of all backgrounds to enjoy the benefits blockchain-based apps have to offer. There are many advantages to using the Magic Store to discover new crypto applications. One huge advantage is Magic Square’s system of community validation.

in fact, all apps on the Magic Store are validated by Magic Square’s community validators for quality control. So, when you find an app on the Magic Store, you don’t need to worry about running into scams or bad apps. Furthermore, the Magic Store categorizes and filters apps through searchable categories, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

Another incentive Magic Square provides users for using the platform is token rewards. Magic Square rewards its users for all of their in-store activity by a use-to-earn model. This system allows users to earn by investing their time, not their funds.

Not Just a Store, an Ecosystem

Magic Square has built a multifaceted system around the Magic Store to enhance user experience and create a unified, interoperable platform to rule them all. One example of this is Magic Spaces.

Magic Spaces is where you view, access, and launch the apps you have found on the Magic Store. You open apps directly from within Spaces — no more switching between windows, tabs, logins, credentials, or wallets.

Not only can you access apps within Spaces, but Magic Square features integrated DeFi solutions within apps. So, you access vetted AMMs, loans, trades, staking, internally. Furthermore, these integrated DeFi solutions support the native currency of a given app, allowing you to seamlessly maximize your app experience.

Final Thoughts

Magic Square is changing the crypto game as we know it by introducing a mechanism that is finally creating the much-needed infrastructure to make crypto truly accessible. Existing and aspiring crypto users are jumping to join the Magic Square community of users and developers. Stay tuned for more feature updates and project developments.