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Magic Community is a dedicated space for DAO governance and community interaction

DAO Governance

Almost all processes within the Magic Store and Magic Spaces are governed by our community, so we developed an easy-to-use internal communication platform. Here our community can vote, interact with the app groups, participate in Magic Square challenges, and message P2P.

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Vote and validate new and emerging apps as a standard validator, or apply to become a qualified validator and earn more SQR for your efforts. All Magic Square validation processes are executed on-chain and within the Community Zone.

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Fostering Community Around Apps

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Participate in app-centered conversations

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Ask questions, address issues, pose ideas for peer users and app developers

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P2P communication and currency swaps

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Compete to Earn

To encourage community involvement, Magic Square has allocated a portion of the SQR token supply to distribute as prizes for daily, weekly, and monthly challenges.

Magic Karma is a personal score that quantifies all user activity and functions like a credit score.

Users function within the community according to their Magic Karma score. A higher Karma translates to more community trust and more opportunities for large financial gains.

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The Magic Square (SQR) token, based on the Solana Blockchain, is the primary unit that powers the Magic Square Ecosystem.
There are three types of members of the Magic Square Ecosystem:


Access Packages



Base Package

Stake 150 SQR

Unlimited app downloads to Spaces
**The first 20,000 registered users receive lifetime unlimited downloads to Spaces without staking any tokens.

Pro Package

Stake 500 SQR

Use to Earn Referral Rewards Karma Score

Influencer Package

Stake 1000 SQR Karma Score > 5000

25% boost of daily rating Early access to all events, exclusive contests, etc.


Qualified Validators

Standard Validators



Stake 5k SQR




Qualification test


Nominated by qualified validators, pass qualification test

Participating Validators
(per each validation process)

Up to 100

Up to 500

One nominee per qualified validator


80% of validator funds

20% of validator funds

Negotiated between qualified validator and nominee


Creators Funds

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Creators must send 10,000 SQR to apply for listing on the Magic Store

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70/30 ratio

Magic Square/app Creator

DeFi developers

who pay with SQR tokens receive a discount of up to 20%

Integrated DeFi Bundles

Creators can add integrated DeFi services within their apps. Creators choose from a list of pre-integrated Magic Square DeFi services that support the app’s native token or NFT. Revenue sharing is based on the commercial terms of each DeFi provider

Magic Grant Program

  • Creators can apply for a grant in SQR tokens to attract new users through contests and prizes.
  • Each newly listed App can apply for a grant of up to 200,000 SQR tokens to be used by the developer to attract users to their apps through challenges, contests, and prizes.
  • The amount of the prize is decided by our community validators.
  • In order to receive a grant, Creators must stake the number of SQR tokens to match the amount they are requesting, for a period of 12 months.