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Hundreds of applications are being developed on over a dozen different blockchains every day

Where are they hosted?

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The Magic Store Hosts All Types of Crypto Apps











Community-Vetted Apps At Your Fingertips

When you find an app on the Magic Store, you can be sure it’s a good one. Our community validators vote on each app before it is listed to ensure that the Magic Store only features the best apps.

Your One-Stop Shop

The Magic Store is more than just a directory of apps, it’s an integrated system.

Now you can use apps without downloading to a device, and access them across your devices, launch apps with the tap of your finger, manage your apps from a personalized dashboard and centrally track all your activity, engage with the Magic Square Community, and so much more…

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Use To Earn

Most social platforms reserve perks and rewards for their shareholders, but we believe that our users are our most valuable asset. Earn rewards for investing your time, not your money. Magic Square distributes rewards in SQR tokens each day.

Every minute you spend on the Magic Store will help Magic Square grow and improve.


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The Magic Store is powered by the voices and votes of the Magic Square Community.

Creators who wish to feature an app on the Magic Store must stake SQR tokens to apply for whitelisting. Their app is then entered into a rigorous community validation process for quality assurance.

There are two primary types of validators in the Magic Square ecosystem

Standard Validators
Qualified Validators
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Whitelisting By the Community

Whitelisting By the Community

Standard Validators

Standard validators receive 20% of the validator funds to be divided between up to 500 participating standard validators.

Each user can become a standard validator without staking any SQR tokens or passing a qualification test.

Qualified Validators

In order to become a qualified validator, users must stake 5,000 SQR tokens and pass a qualification test.

Qualified validators are awarded 80% of the validator funds to be divided between up to 100 participating qualified validators.


Qualified validators can nominate other users to validate apps on their behalf.

Nominees must pass the qualification test, but do not stake tokens.

Nominees receive a portion of their qualified validator’s reward.

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Our Community Validation System Promotes Top-Quality Apps

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Utility How useful is the app?

Speed How fast are the loading speeds?

Simplicity Is navigation easy within the app?

Design Does the app look cool?

Experience How would you rate the overall user experience?

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Automated Quality Control

To support the decision of the validators, each newly listed app is entered into an automated diagnostic test to measure:

Dynamic Security
Reputation / Anti Fraud

Final Score & Rewards

App scores and feature rankings are listed on the Magic Store alongside apps.

Magic Square distributes validator rewards weekly via smart contracts. Validators who choose to keep their tokens in a staking pool receive a larger reward.

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Magic Grant Program

Grants are given on a case-by-case basis


App Creators can apply for Magic Grants to help them attract new users, increase app traffic, and spread hype

Attract New Users


The exact amount of tokens per app is decided democratically by our community validators.

Get up to 200,000 SQR


Creators who wish to receive a grant must stake the number of SQR tokens to match the amount they are requesting, for a period of 12 months.

Stake SQR