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  • Project Kickoff (Self-Funded)
  • Team Expansion
  • Refinement of Lite paper (Version 1)
  • Magic DAO Mechanics Development - Validation process for app listing
  • Magic Store UX/UI Development
  • Magic Store Architecture Design & Deployment
  • Whitepaper
  • Legal Structure Building
  • Legal Consulting for Magic Square's Token Launch (SQR as Utility Token)


  • MVP Development of Magic Store: Onchain Application Validation, MagicID, Karma Reward System
  • Magic Square Community Building on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord
  • In-Depth Marketing Research on Worldwide Marketing Costs: PPC, CPA
  • Official Release of Magic Square's Closed Beta with up to 50,000 invited users
  • Fundraising - Private Round - Phase 1
  • Official Release of Magic Affiliates & Client Onboarding
  • Magic Affiliates Program Boosting with a goal to create the biggest affiliate marketing community in crypto
  • Official Release of Public MVP with Swap Functionality
  • Launch of Magic-athons where developers can create Trading / DeFi and Bug competitions
  • Fundraising - KOL Round
  • Magic Statistics - Advance Onchain Statistics
  • Migration from Solana to BNB Chain


  • TGE - SQR Token Launch
  • Magic Affiliates - Advanced Program
  • Official Release of Magic PPC Platform for Advertisement
  • Magic Finance - DeFi Aggregation Solution
  • Activation of Subscription Model
  • Magic NFT - Aggregation and Verification of NFT Marketplaces
  • Magic Moderators - Users can get a moderator role and get a reward for moderating the Store
  • Magic Community - Internal Communication Solution where users and developers can communicate without the need to leave the platform
  • Cash Onramp - Users can buy any token using their credit card
  • Magic Governance - Users can Stake SQR Tokens and Propose / Vote for changes to Magic Store functionality
  • Magic Store from Business - Crypto B2B marketplace
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Games Streaming via Magic Spaces