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SQR Token

The SQR token powers all aspects of the Magic Square ecosystem and allows for the seamless integration of users, developers, and validators. SQR can be used for various utilities within the ecosystem including governance, user access packages, app advertisement, and app referral rewards. SQR can also be traded on DEX and CEX for other currencies or fiat.

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Governance - In order to manage the Magic Store in the true spirit of Web3.0, we have implemented an on-chain voting model using Community Validators to determine which apps to feature.

  • Creators pay SQR tokens to the Validators
  • The Community Validators collectively decide which crypto apps should be featured on the Store

User Packages - To unleash the full potential of the Magic Store, users need to stake SQR tokens. There are three Staking Tiers available to users:

Base Package

Stake 150SQR


Unlimited downloads to Spaces

Pro Package

Stake 500SQR


Use to Earn
Referral Rewards
Karma Score

Influencer Package

Magic Karma Score > 5000
Stake 1000SQR


25% boost of daily rating early access to all events, exclusive contests, etc.

Ad Space - Creators and service providers who have at least one listed dApp or approved service can promote their services with Ad Space. Creators bid SQR tokens to win Ad Space.

Referrals - Creators can initiate referral campaigns, inviting the Magic Community to refer their friends to use their dApp. In order to do this, the Creators will create a pool of SQR tokens to be distributed as referral rewards.