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One integrated ecosystem for all crypto apps and activity

Magic Square is the world's first Web3 solution to simplify Crypto, conceptualizing the beauty of an App Store with a built-in DAO mechanism to create a highly secure and accessible environment for all dApps, CeDeFi, NFTs, Games, and more, in one single place.

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Enjoy Integrated DeFi in Magic Spaces

Within each app in your Magic Spaces, you will find integrated community-vetted DeFi solutions for your convenience and profitability.

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Easy Crypto Trading with Magic Square Bundles

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Use any connected wallet

Our DeFi bundles break down all blockchain barriers

With Magic Square’s DeFi Bundles you can stake and trade your cryptos to their maximum potential, across all networks, on any chain.

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Participate in the Magic Community and Earn SQR tokens

Earn tokens for your participation

On Magic Square, there are many ways to earn. The most direct way is through the Magic Community. In the community space, you can earn tokens straight to your wallet through:

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Voting on new apps applying for listing on the Magic Store

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Participating in contests and competitions in the Community Zone

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Use To Earn

Get token rewards for all of your activity

We value your time, and you deserve rewards in return. Earn SQR tokens from daily rewards pools dedicated to active users.