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We know it is becoming increasingly difficult for developers to market blockchain solutions, crypto products and dApps. Competition is intense, and building trust with the community is not easy. But Magic Square is here to help - putting your mind at ease.

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Cost-efficiency is what you want. Us too!
Magic Square offers a simple and effective solution to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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The Magic Solution

Build a huge, dedicated user base with the Magic Store

The Exceptional Features to Bring You Real Users:

  • Quality assurance of all Magic Store apps
  • Searchable categories to discover apps
  • One secure login to all apps
  • Use and manage apps across devices
  • A community interaction platform
  • Daily rewards
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Potential users will find your App

  • We use an intuitive UX/UI design to direct users to potential products
  • Relevant users will reach your app faster through our filters and categories
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The Magic Store is just like Apple’s App Store, but only for Crypto Apps. Magic Store is powered by the community

List your App on the Magic Store

Grow your user base with Magic Boost

The current setting in the traditional advertising space is just hard and expensive. Tons of money spent on advertising, PPC, PR, you name it - but they are just not effective enough, right?
Magic Boost is here to help you.

We offer unparalleled reach to a diverse range of affiliates using a trusted and risk-free commercial model:

You pay only for what you get!

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The process is automated via our smart contracts. You get to set the budget for affiliate payouts right from the beginning.

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Set your budget per user acquired
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Lock up your budget in a liquidity pool
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Payment is made instantly to the affiliate’s wallet after each successful referral and action
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Once the liquidity pool is used up, affiliates will not be paid
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Add your project to the Magic Boost program and reach tens of thousands of affiliates to start promoting your App today!

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