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Become a Magic Square Developer and ensure the success of your Apps

Obstacles for App Developers

  • Developing Apps is not easy
  • Competing with centralized applications
  • Creating and implementing a marketing strategy for each project
  • Establishing User Trust
  • Managing communities across multiple social channels
  • Not all social media channels support crypto marketing
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Stop wasting resources on marketing efforts.
Magic Square gives you one simple and effective solution

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The Magic Solution

Build a Vast, Dedicated Userbase

Users prefer Magic Square

  • We reward all of their activity with daily token rewards
  • All the apps we feature are community-vetted and trustworthy
  • We provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface
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Potential users will find your App

  • We use a smart UX/UI design to direct users to your products
  • Relevant users will reach your app faster through our filters and categories
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Improve Your Creative Experience

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Magic Community

  • Interact with your userbase in one ultimate interface which integrates Discord, Telegram, and Reddit, all in one place.
  • Our spam prevention means you don’t need to worry about app spammers or imposters tricking your users.
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Access the ultimate open-source Software Development Kit with an expanding toolbox of preset features

Magic SDK

  • Wallet integration
  • Payment system/subscription model
  • Analytics and trading data from over 20 exchanges (including historical data) via a single API
  • On-chain data to enhance crypto compliance and provide surveillance solutions
  • Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) one-click secure login
  • DEX’s Automated Market Making (AMM) solutions via customizable UI

& Much more...

Magic Ads

  • Get instant and effortless discovery
  • Track your results within the Magic Square interface
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Magic Referrals


Enjoy smart-contract-powered referral marketing


You set your price and your budget. Everything is instant and streamlined

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Receive up to 200,000 SQR tokens and use them to attract new users

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Magic Grants

Get free tokens to promote your app in three easy steps

  1. Apply for a grant
  2. Magic Square validators decide on the number of tokens to give your project
  3. Stake an equal amount of tokens for twelve months

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