Developers: Here’s How to Get Your dApp Discovered

date_range May 15, 2022
person Magic Square

Magic Square’s kitchen never stops working as we put in our efforts diligently to give our users (and developers) a one-of-a-kind experience each and every time. Our constant need for improvement and a hunger for success brought us to the creation of this unique product – Magic Ads.

What Is It?

Quickly adapting to trends and changes is crucial in this fast-changing and ever-expanding industry. But that’s not all. Whether a developer or a user, while you follow the crypto tide, you need to be in front of your audience or in touch with your favorite apps at all times. If only there were an easy feature to promote and discover dApps. Oh, wait! There is!

Magic Ads is a simple feature, tailor-made for developers and users equally. Want to list, promote and grow your dApp? Magic Ads is your weapon of choice. After your app gets whitelisted on the Magic Store, Magic Ads steps in to give it a boost. Your target audience will get to your app in no time, in just a few clicks.

Why This Feature?

Magic Square is all about innovation and listening. One doesn’t work without the other, as you need to listen to what the people want to make a significant change, but most importantly, you have to know what they need. This is how true innovation takes place. And when we say innovation, we mean industry-changing, news-worthy changes.

This is precisely why we’ve created this feature as part of our first-ever, community-driven crypto app store. Magic Ads is what the community needs. Creator, a user, or just an enthusiast? It doesn’t matter. We are here to help you expand and reach more people, further growing the community. 

How It Works

Okay, you must be wondering by now. How do I use Magic Ads? There are only several simple actions that separate you from enjoying all benefits of this sublime feature. Remember, this is how the magic starts.

A number of simple steps are utilized before your app is presented to your target audience. It’s all about making choices. Questions like what your target audience is and how you will set the promotion budget are only some of these required steps. Visit the official Magic Ads page and follow the detailed roadmap to your dApp success to find out more.

Magic notice: Once you complete the actions, your ad gets posted instantly. 

The Benefits

You’ve probably figured out why Magic Ads is your next favorite feature, but it doesn’t hurt to have the benefits listed in case you want to present it to a friend and need a solid overview. 

  • Discover apps instantly
  • Grow your app quickly
  • Reach thousands of interested users
  • Customize your target userbase
  • Determine your budget
  • Track results with your Creator Dashboard

Creators and Users Win!

Despite all of these benefits, one thing should be underlined specifically. Magic Ads is good for both developers and users. Now, it’s clear how developers benefit from the feature, but users? Believe us, we all win!

If you are in crypto, you have your priorities straight, as well as your interests. If you know what you like, Magic Ads will only be the final step that will take you to your desired dApp. Getting to your new, favorite app is just a few clicks away now. And all in one place. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, it’s real, just like your crypto investments.

Final Thoughts

Finally, thanks to our all-star team of experts, Magic Ads was born to change the game, along with each and every one of our products, making it a perfect addition to our Magic Square ecosystem. Changing the crypto game is no easy feat, but we strive to unite all crypto users and standardize the most effective features and products. Our goal is to make all of our services available to all, with the intention of making them reach the can’t-live-without status. Magic Ads, along with our Magic Store, have the tendency to reach that status quickly. Just wait and see.