How We Bridge Blockchains and dApps to Give Users More

date_range May 31, 2022
person Magic Square

Blockchains take the lead role in minting cryptocurrencies, supporting decentralized applications, DeFi products, and hosting NFTs. The use cases for blockchain technology are nearly limitless, but, as more applications, chains, protocols, and chains emerge the blockchain space becomes more fragmented and complex

This reality has spurred the collective web3 community to work towards creating a reality of unity and order. In fact, many solutions actually exist to push for an interoperable future across blockchains. 

Interoperability, or the cross-chain technology enabling the communication between multiple blockchains, is in the process of settling years of scalability and usability issues that are limiting blockchain adoption. 

Blockchain Interoperability – Execution Solutions

Thanks to the ever-growing need for an improved connection between various blockchains, many developer-facing cross-chain solutions are emerging, such as:

  1. Polkadot
  2. Blocknet
  3. Wanchain
  4. Aion Online
  5. Cosmos
  6. DeBridge – Our partner, and personal favorite 

The solutions listed here are developer-facing – they give devs the tools to create user-facing solutions – dApps that bridge between blockchains. But no one dApp is powerful enough to encompass the full scope of interoperability and translate it for the user. In order to accomplish this, we need a layer that unites the power of many applications together and bridges them under one user-friendly interface.


Magic Square – a force for interoperability

Magic Square has developed the infrastructure to bring users the freedom of interoperability without any complexity with the first-ever crypto app store. Magic Square users access cross-chain staking in one click, and enjoy the utility of using dApps regardless of what coins they hold in their wallet. Users login accross all of their dApps, NFTs, DeFi prodcuts, games, Metaverse apps, DEX/CEX with one Magic ID.

Interoperability and Potential Issues of Trust

One major problem with allowing chains, protocols, and dApps to work together seamlessly is trustability. Trust is a big issue in the web3 community, and the apps we use should be chosen carefully. So if everything works together “behind the scenes” so to speak, then the user is somewhat blind. 

Magic Square’s solution remedies this issue by running the ecosystem in the classic DAO fashion and mandating all featured apps and services to surpass a rigorous voting process by community validators in addition to automated tests to ensure the security and quality of each and every application. 

The Bottom Line

Blockchain interoperability and cross-chain technology are paving a better web3 future for developers, and Magic Square is consolidating all of this immense value in one holistic ecosystem for users. Discover the full scope of our solution and its developments by joining our social community of web3 pioneers.