A peek into the 2024 crypto life

date_range December 23, 2021
person Magic Square
We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know that the Magic Square ecosystem has the potential to reshape the world as we know it. Here’s a peek into what crypto might mean to average people in 2024.

You hear your alarm ring after a late night of testing out your new dragon NFT on The Sandbox. Safe to say that it didn’t disappoint. It’s 7 am and time to wake up, roll out of bed, and grab a coffee. You glance at your phone and see ten new notifications from the Sandbox community zone on Magic Square.

Your new dragon NFT is lit. Great investment. The results speak for themselves. 

But you don’t want to make your friends too jealous, so you decide to give The Sandbox a break. 

daily life

In the meanwhile, you check to see how your assets are doing. 

You log in to your Magic Spaces with one click, go to your DEX Space, and select SushiSwap, which immediately launches in a new tab within Spaces. Why do you use SushiSwap? Because you love sushi and it supports enough of the currencies you use. 

Also, finding the right DeFi products to match your wallets has become remarkably easy since you switched to Magic Square. 

Your assets are doing excellent in the liquidity pool, and your coins are, for the most part, on the rise. Especially that SQR.

SQR has shot up since you joined the Magic Square beta in early 2022. Seems like this coin is going to finally get you that blue Tesla you’ve been eyeing, now that Elon Musk is accepting SQR as payment.

Your Karma is almost high enough to upgrade to the Magic Square influencer package.

Jess is an influencer, and she was telling you about the exclusive Magic Square event last week where they gave out some really rare NFTs. 

Maybe next month your karma will be high enough to join her at the next event if you put in some reviews and likes, and stake some SQR. You wish you could gain more points by referring friends, but everyone you know is already using Magic Square. 

Magic Square has really changed how you interact with crypto.

Back in 2022, your friend Jaquo convinced you to join the platform’s beta, and you couldn’t be happier with that decision. Now, only two years later,  you’ve gotten so used to the platform, you could never go back to the humble jumble that used to be crypto life, and let’s face it, you can’t beat Magic Square’s daily use-to-earn rewards pools. 

Before Magic Square, new crypto apps gave you anxiety because you couldn’t be sure they weren’t scams, so you mostly stuck to the most common apps. But now, with Magic Square’s validator system, you’re at ease that the apps you find on the Magic Store are good and safe. Before Magic Square, you had to keep track of tons of wallets and logins. Now you only need to remember one. A few years ago, you actually had to think about which protocol you were using, whereas now, you can switch between chains with Magic Square’s bridges without even noticing. Pre-Magic Square, DeFi was a terrain that made you a bit uneasy — it was too complicated, but now, with Magic Square’s integrated DeFi, you are making tons of returns on your investments, and it couldn’t be easier.

So you’re done on SushiSwap, and you’re done reminiscing about how much easier and smoother Magic Square has made your life. You close out of the tab, which brings you right back to your Magic Spaces. You find your Game Space and open The Sandbox again – you can’t resist. Your dragon is still awesome. Still blue with pink eyes and a cigarette that blows fire.

Then you see a notification pop up in the Magic Square Community Zone that a new app that you recently added to your Spaces is airdropping 20 NFTs to anyone who finds bugs. You’re on it with a click.

Toward a Crypto-Centered Future

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