A Recap: Interview with CEO Andrey Nayman – TechBullion

date_range April 10, 2022
person Magic Square

Magic Square’s CEO and Founder was interviewed by the prestigious fintech news portal TechBullion. He discussed the inspiration and driving factors propelling Magic Square to the next level, the latest project’s roadmap, and the Beta Version of the Magic Store, the first community-driven crypto app store.

In a lengthy and insightful conversation with Angela Scott-Briggs, Nayman reflects on the nature of the crypto industry, which is fragmented and complicated for the majority of users. One of the main goals of Magic Square, as he stated, is to create a new level of simplicity and usability, so more users who are not currently crypto users will get on board using one single platform.

The Magic Square Beta launch waitlist campaign is open to all types of cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Everyone who participates in the Beta Campaign will receive free $SQR tokens to spend in the Store on dApps. As stated by Nayman, the first users will benefit from higher daily rewards through the Use-to-Earn program, when every user receives daily rewards for all in-store actions such as likes, shares, comments, etc.

Nonetheless, Magic Square’s CEO and owner stated that there are some important steps that everyone should take in order to join the waitlist. For example, to participate in our beta, all users need to do is register on our website. A total of 50k users will be chosen at random and invited via email. The first 50k users will all receive a one-year premium membership for free.

He stated that the campaign’s goal is to prepare the Magic Store for a public beta.

A diverse range of crypto-apps and NFT collections are all housed in one spot

One of the interview topics was Magic Square’s commitment to developing its own unique integrated solution, which will house a diverse range of crypto-apps and NFT collections in one place.

As Nayman pointed out, one of the major challenges is that there are currently no stores in the crypto industry. Or it was extremely difficult to construct one. However, if one is brave enough to create one, users will be able to buy and sell tokens, among other things. Magic Store’s vision is to be a one-of-a-kind Community-Driven App Store for all crypto apps. “We will simplify the way users will discover and use dApps, and for developers, we’ll provide a better way to build their community,” Nayman told TechBullion.

Magic Square is expanding globally and altering the DeFi landscape

As Nayman stated, he is curious about what the future holds for Magic Square, but it will undoubtedly be consistent with overall DeFi trends. ‘’Our product map is planned for the next five years, and I promise ‌you we will see amazing solutions that will increase the adoption of non-crypto users,’’ he said. Collaborations with banks, free Global Blockchain Developers Education Programs, and Magic Launchpads will combine NFT and TGE launchpads into a single simple solution, and other initiatives are expected to facilitate this.

With a serious roadmap ahead of them, the Magic Square team is working hard to allow us to scale its platform globally and achieve worldwide recognition. However, massive adoption of DeFi products is rapidly occurring.

Read the full interview, in which Andrey Nayman discusses the main pillars of the Beta launch waitlist campaign, core industry challenges, the concept of Magic Square, and his own motivation and passion for the Crypto space. Follow us on social media for future updates and project developments!