DApp Devs – The Simple Way to Grow Traffic

date_range November 1, 2021
person Magic Square
It can be daunting to invest the necessary time, energy, and resources to create a quality dapp and then market it properly when there is no guarantee that a userbase will support your product. Although crypto is a growing industry, there is still a limited available userbase. Plus, crypto apps are difficult and time-consuming to build. 

But this reality is changing. Magic Square is introducing a solution that will bring dapp developers tons of traffic effortlessly.

How? Read on to discover all of the ways you, as a developer, can benefit.

dapp developer

Imagine you had a community of eager and invested users just waiting to adopt and actively use your product. Magic Square is creating a space where you can be sure that your products will generate high volumes of traffic, so you can invest your energy in creating awesome apps and leave the marketing to us.  

In fact, Magic Square is built to attract users to a consolidated place where they can discover community-vetted apps. It’s simple: we tailor our platform to attract users, and your listed apps get the attention they deserve.  

A user-friendly ecosystem

User-friendly is a term we hear a lot, but don’t underestimate its power. The more user-friendly an interface, the more users will be attracted to it. One of your main goals as a developer is probably to appeal to your users and fulfill their needs. Magic Square takes care of a lot of the user-facing features for you, attracting large amounts of users to the interface to start using your app. Here are some reasons why users are flocking to the Magic Square ecosystem:

  • Magic Store – The first app store where your apps can be featured for instant user access.
  • Community validation – Each featured app passes a community validation process for quality control. So, users don’t need to worry about bad apps or scams.
  • Magic Connect – Users log on using one set of credentials. The latest Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology keeps their identity private and secure.
  • Magic Spaces – Users can view all of their apps in one consolidated dashboard across all of their devices, without needing to switch between tabs or external platforms. 
  • Magic SDK allows developers like you to focus on the quality of their ideas, not the nitty-gritty of getting bug-free code. This will lead you to create higher caliber of crypto apps.

Use to Earn

Magic Square actually pays users to use your apps. Yes, you read that right, once you get listed on the Magic Store, Magic Square will help you grow your userbase effortlessly.

Magic Square promotes app traffic with a unique use-to-earn model, which allows users to earn SQR tokens just by investing their time. All of their likes, shares, reviews, downloads, and general activity is rewarded with SQR tokens from a daily rewards pool.

This unique reward model incentivizes activity and accordingly helps generate high volumes of traffic across apps. 

Additionally, Magic Square conducts daily, weekly, and monthly challenges within the Magic Square ecosystem to promote user activity across all apps listed on the Magic Store.  

Rewards for App Creators

Magic Square not only pays users for their activity but also supports developer success. Creators can apply for Magic Grant funds in order to boost their apps and attract new users through contests and prizes. The size of the award is determined by community validators based on:

  • Ingenuity
  • Potential
  • Adoption rate outside of Magic Square
  • Solutions
  • Founding teams

Final Thoughts

Magic Square’s dedication to the success of its app developers shines through the foundations of the platform. Magic Square will not only give you ready access to a userbase but is implementing systems and allocating funds and grants for the purpose of ensuring that the best crypto apps receive the time and attention that they deserve. Stay tuned here on our blog for more updates just for developers, and be sure tojoin our growing community of devs and users.