How to Restore Order to Your Crypto Life

date_range January 6, 2022
person Magic Square
Up until now, your crypto experience might feel a bit lonely, a bit homeless. You may have a wallet, or two…or three –since likely, not all wallets support all of the currencies you hold– and you may like trading on Binance, or Uniswap, or some other DEX, but you probably don’t choose too many DEXs to use, because each one requires its own account.

If you play any crypto games, they’re hosted on a separate platform, each with its own login credentials, and its own system to familiarize with, and so is the case for any other crypto product, service, or application you choose to use. And you probably agree with the statement, “my crypto life is disorganized” unless you invest hours of work into spreadsheets and databases of keeping track of your crypto activity, assets, logins, etc. 

Maybe you do this, but you shouldn’t have to, and you won’t, since Magic Square is coming to restore order to the disorganized crypto world.

disorganized mess
Magic Square has a single solution to simplify and streamline your crypto experience, but first, let’s take a step back and understand how this whole crypto universe began.

The Crypto Story – How it all started

In 2008, the legendary Satoshi Nakomoto publishes the Bitcoin Whitepaper and creates the first blockchain-based transaction register protocol for minting and mining BTC. At this point, there is only one cryptocurrency – bitcoin – crypto is not traded or used for any purpose, until Laszlo Hanyecz buys two Papa Johns pizzas for 10,000 BTC, marking the first bitcoin transaction (and a very short-sighted one on Hanyecz’s part).  

It isn’t until 2011 that other crypto coins emerge – Litecoin, Namecoin. Ethereum doesn’t hit the scene until the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of 2016, after which cryptocurrency-based applications emerge, bitcoin skyrockets, and hundreds of additional coins and blockchains materialize. 

The point here is that when blockchain technology began, there was only one coin, one protocol, one blockchain, and in a matter of only a few years, the number of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and tokens exploded.

The framework for this system, however, has remained unchanged since the time when there was only one currency. And here lies the problem.

Until now, the disorganized mess which is the crypto sphere has remained disorganized and messy: there is nothing to help the simple user navigate the system or organize and rank the multitudes of crypto products, that is, until now. 

Magic Spaces is Magic Square’s solution to the chaos that has become the crypto scene, restoring order to users who are interested in a simplified and organized interface. 

What is Magic Spaces, and what makes it so useful to crypto users?

Magic Spaces is a very simple concept: a dashboard of apps organized by type, group, class, or however else you want to organize your apps. 

When you find an app on the Magic Store that you want to use, simply add the app to your Spaces. The app will then appear in your customized Spaces dashboard. Then you can organize your apps however you like, open, and use apps within the Spaces platform – no need to navigate to external app pages or websites with separate logins, platforms, etc. Instead, all app actions begin and end within this simple interface. 

You can access your Spaces across all devices, and organize your apps in an unlimited number of “Space” pages.  Sometimes the best solutions are also the most simple, and it seems that this is the case when it comes to Magic Spaces. Be sure to follow our blog for new feature updates and join our social community to stay in the loop about project developments and opportunities.