The Road to Success is Paved With Partners

date_range January 13, 2022
person Magic Square
There are a few obstacles in the journey of any startup right at the beginning that need to be overcome in order for any amount of success to be achieved. This is especially the case for large-scale projects like Magic Square. 

Think about it, you have this huge idea – an app store designed for crypto – and even though it might sound simple on the surface, the intricacies, features, and aspects of the product seem to have no end. So what do you focus on? How do you brand? If you try and tackle it all at once, you risk losing it all. If you brand it wrong, you risk losing your audience.

Launching a startup is a lot like walking a tightrope holding weights: everything seems to be pulling you down, but that one streak of promise, your idea on the horizon, keeps you moving forward with consistency and grace. One wrong step and you fall to your doom. 

Which Way?
It was clear to CEO and Co-Founder Andrey Nayman that Magic Square is too important of a project, too large scale, to risk failure. But how to ensure success? Even with the best leadership and product developers, Nayman knew that he needed to give Magic Square a special edge in the competitive industry. 

Fortunately, Nayman found the solution which would guide his project to fast success namely, 42Studio.io. 42Studio is a leading digital agency in the blockchain industry guiding decentralized projects from concept to product at lightning-fast speeds. 42Studio’s services include branding, UX/UI, social and community management, web development, and more.  

“We help brands with everything,” says Tomer Friedman, Head of Studio, “from branding to design, development to community management, we do it all.”

 42Studio took the Magic Square project by the horns and built an image to match the idea in Nayman’s head. 

“Magic Square was not a simple project” admits Friedman, “The ideas were all there, super big and exciting, but the details kept coming in, and we had to choose the most important features to push to the top. We went through five design languages before we found the right one. This project challenged the Studio, but we’ve definitely grown as a result.”

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your efforts pay off, and 50k followers on Telegram and Twitter speak for themselves.  

“It’s clear that this project has immense potential,” said Friedman, “and we are proud to have taken part in its success.”

We are grateful to our partners and acknowledge their involvement in our journey. Join our community and follow our blog for more updates and project developments.